The Lakomäki Forest Manor is ideal for overnight guests as well.

At the Forest Manor, you can choose to sleep ascetically in a group tent under the starry sky or in one of the cosy bedrooms of the Manor. The strong 130-year-old log walls protect you as you fall into a relaxing sleep together with the forest.

The second floor of the main building has seven small, atmospheric two-bed rooms with 1‒2 optional spare beds. The Manor can accommodate up to 20 people. In summer, additional accommodation can be arranged by setting up a group tent that houses around 10 people.

Forest Manor Accommodation

Accommodation in main building in a second floor

7 pcs two persons rooms
2 x WC
2 x showers
wc’s and showers are logated upstairs in the lounge area.
Extra beds are possible


* 65 € / 1 person room, shared wcs and showers
* 91 € / 2 person room, shared wcs and showers
* 30 € / Extra bed

Accommodation prices includes linnen, towel and countryside breakfast at the Tupa and Tallisauna shift.

Arrival time 16-21 check out time 8-12.00.

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Accommodation in a group tent under the starry sky / for groups maximum 10 persons

Could you get any closer to nature, yes you can at staying your night in a group tent! Experience a night in the shelter of nature and wake up with nature, naturally of course. We offer the necessary equipment that is needed to stay overnight in a tent, sleeping mats and – bags.

You can reserve countryside breakfast and so called kipinämikko, that guarantees a warm night in the tent shelters. You have possibility to have a Tallisauna sauna, different times for men and women, also you have more sauna alternatives with extra charge.
Price /person/night
* 30 € / group size 5-10 persons
* 40 € / group size 1-4 persons

Price includes accommodation in a group tent , sleeping mats and -bags and Tallisauna sauna time.

Extra charge:
* 10 € Countryside breakfast
* 295 € Kipinämikko night/ group

Common spaces

The second-floor lobby is good for spending time together talking or playing board games. You can also make tea, watch TV or surf the internet in the shared facilities of the lobby.

Guests share modern sanitary facilities (toilets and shower rooms) on the second floor.

You can also use the heated Tallisauna sauna all year round with separate slots for men and women. Custom reservations are also available.