Sauna & Wellbeing

The Forest Manor’s saunas

A Finnish sauna, relaxation, pampering, the scent of wild herbs and an authentic atmosphere. The Lakomäki Forest Manor’s
saunas were made with love for the Finnish sauna and sauna culture.

Try one of the saunas or choose all three to experience three different types of
saunas and two different tubs.  We also offer a variety of pampering treatments
to go with your sauna experience.

Authentic Smoke Sauna

You can’t fully understand the bliss of relaxing in a smoke sauna until you have experienced it yourself. The smell of an authentic smoke sauna and its gentle heat and steam leave a lasting memory. The head of the house keeps the Authentic Smoke Sauna warm throughout the day with crispy dry birch and alder firewood from the manor’s own forest, and this is no task for a busy person. The more than one thousand kilos of sauna stones in our Smoke Sauna guarantee a sauna experience with soft and lingering steam.  In the winter, it is relaxing to cool down outside and even roll around in the snow under the starry sky, while the nightless nights of summer are a perfect time to take a dip in an outdoor tub filled with cold water.

The Forest Manor’s Authentic Smoke Sauna is located near the main building. The sauna can accommodate roughly 20 people at a time. There is definitely enough pleasant steam in the sauna for everyone to enjoy! The Steam Sauna is accompanied by an outdoor tub that can fit roughly 6 people at a time.


  • 4-hour reservation of the Steam Sauna, price/group: €500.00
  • Extra hours, price/hour: €50.00
  • Towel fee/person: €3.00

Lumbermen’s Sauna

The rustic and traditional sauna heated with firewood that is located in the manor’s yard, at the edge of the forest, can be heated simultaneously with the Steam Sauna. In the Lumbermen’s Sauna, even the water is heated up in a cauldron, and bathers use washbasins for washing. The Lumbermen’s Sauna can accommodate roughly 8 people at a time. There is a wooden outdoor tub next to the Lumbermen’s Sauna that can be filled with either warm or cold water. The wooden tub has enough room for roughly 6 people at a time.


  • 3-hour reservation of the Lumbermen’s Sauna, price/group: €220.00
  • Extra hours, price/hour: €50.00
  • Towel fee/person: €3.00

Barn Sauna

Our new sauna area includes an electric sauna, showers, a toilet and a separate dressing/sitting room with a stove, where you can enjoy a snack in between your visits to the sauna. One option is to choose only the sauna area, but it can also be used in connection with the Steam Sauna. The sauna area’s sauna can accommodate 6 people at a time, letting the bathers enjoy steam with the scent of wild herbs. There is an outdoor tub near the sauna area where roughly 6 people at a time can enjoy a relaxing bath.


  • 3-hour reservation of the Barn Sauna, price/group: €190.00
  • Extra hours, price/hour: €50.00
  • Towel fee/person: €3.00

Enjoy of the Three Forest Sauna’s steam and experience the Finnish sauna tradition

Relax your mind by feeling the silence and beauty of forest nature and warm your bodies in our three different saunas: authentic smoke sauna, traditional wooden heated sauna and modern electric sauna with a herbal aroma. We take you through centuries of Finninsh sauna traditions. Feel the relaxation after sauna and pamper yourself with pure naturea product and genuine sauna treatment.

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Outdoor tubs

The sauna world of the Forest Manor is completed by two different outdoor tubs that are perfect for taking a dip in between your visits to the sauna. Relax under the sky, surrounded by a shadowy forest. In the summer, you can choose either a warm or a cold bath and enjoy the sun in between visits to the sauna. In the winter, you can enjoy the brilliance of the starry sky or fierce snowfall.


  • 3-hour reservation of an outdoor tub, price/group: €130.00
  • Extra hours, price/hour: €20.00

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